Industrial Ventilation Contractors


When it comes to your employee’s safety on the job, no area is more important than ventilation. Poor ventilation can lead to many issues for you and your workers. By having the right industrial ventilation system, you can know that you and your employees are working in a safe and healthy environment, and here at Macklin Mechanical we can help you find that system.

Discover what the Right Industrial Ventilation System can do for You
The purpose of an industrial ventilation system is to control the exposure of your workers to airborne toxic chemicals or vapors caused as a byproduct of your plant’s processes. The ventilation system removes these toxins out of the work area and introduces clean and safe air for your workers to breathe.


Very often, these systems will be used in areas that are exposed to welding fumes, oil mists, solvent vapors or other dusts and remove them through the system to the outside of the plant. Because this process is so important to the safety of your employees, it is imperative to partner with a company that has experience in the industrial ventilation industry.


In addition, as the levels of these toxins that are allowed in a factory setting are regulated by the federal government, you must be sure that your ventilation system is able to lower the toxins to an approved level to stay on the right side of these regulations.


There are three different types of ventilation available to you. These include, dilution ventilation which will dilute the amount of toxins in the air in a room or building by blowing clean air in and removing some of the dirty air.


The second option is indoor air quality ventilation which provides fresh air which is heated or cooled and is part of the HVAC system.


The final option is local exhaust ventilation with will capture the toxins at the source and remove them to the outside.

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When it comes to removing toxins in your facility, you need to work with the best and except nothing less. At the Macklin Mechanical Company, we have over 60 years of combined experience in the industrial HVAC industry as well as industrial ventilation.


When you call us, you will quickly learn how we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done for you. We are always happy to answer all of your questions, so please do give us a call today, so we can get started on your project.