Industrial Maintenance Contractors


Maintenance is always a large component of keeping your industrial heating, cooling, and ventilation system up and running, and as a business you can’t afford to have it fail. A HVAC system that is not working means your company is not working as well.

Benefits of Having an Industrial Maintenance Agreement
Uncomfortable employees do not make productive employees, and in an industrial setting, having uncontrolled temperatures can mean work comes to a complete halt.


That is why having an industrial maintenance agreement for your heating, cooling, and ventilation system is not only a luxury, it is a necessity.


Having planned inspections and monitoring of your system will keep you up and running and save you from the expense and hassles of a serious HVAC failure.


In addition, an industrial maintenance agreement can provide you with better indoor air quality, a smaller carbon footprint, more stable thermal comfort, and energy savings.


The quality of your indoor air has a direct impact on the health of your employees. A system that is not maintained properly can lead to a build up of mold and other allergens. These allergens can aggregate respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies, and when your employees become ill, your company’s productivity decreases hurting your bottom line.


Another consideration when deciding on a maintenance agreement is the customer – contractor relationship. This relationship will determine the quality of your HVAC system and all of the maintenance it will receive over a period of up to twenty years.


When determining which maintenance agreement is right for your company, there are several areas to look at. The agreement should include inspection of filters as well as the air filter housing for integrity and the air seal. Also, registers, diffusers, and grilles should be checked for dirt accumulation.


Accessible ductwork needs to be inspected for moisture and mold growth as well as integrity of the strapping, joints, seams, and hangers.

Let Macklin Mechanical Take Charge of Your Industrial HVAC Maintenance
When it comes to your industrial HVAC system, you simply can’t take chances. That is why you need to work with Macklin Mechanical Company. We take our responsibility seriously and treat your building and business as if it were are own.


Our certified and trained team can ensure that your HVAC system is up and running at peak performance, so you can rest assured and focus your energy where it counts. Give us a call today to learn more.