Industrial Dust Collector Systems


If you have a factory or plant, then you have an industrial dust collector. In fact, a dust collection system is one of the most common pieces of industrial equipment found in factories across the country, and it plays an extremely important role in the functioning of your plant. That is why you need to work with a company that will ensure your dust collection system is right for your needs.

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Dust collection can include removing both large and small particles that come into the air stream in your plant. These can include very fine particles that can not be seen by the naked eye to larger particles that float inside of your factory.


Typically, it is best to remove these particles at the source where they are generated. Often a control panel will allow you to program the dust collection which gives you on-demand cleaning when and where you need it instead of allowing collection to take place on a continuous basis, unless continuous removal is needed.


Keeping your plant free of dust can be done in a variety of ways. These include using filters that allow flexibility in design layouts as well as providing room to expand as well as systems that can be mounted directly to a machine. In addition, electrostatic precipitators can be used to trap and collect dirty air.


The indoor air quality of your plant is critical when it comes to keeping your factory safe and to increase the occupational and environmental health of your employees, and to keep your business up and running without the downtime that can effect your company’s bottom line and profit margins.

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We understand what keeps you awake at night – employee complaints about indoor air quality. That is why we take such care when helping you decide which dust collection systems are right for your facility. There needs to be a balance between keeping your employees safe and healthy and the cost associated with providing a work environment with the best air quality possible.


We have the experience and knowledge to help you walk this thin line. With our sixty years of combined experience in the industrial HVAC industry, we know how to keep your plant free of dust and other pollutants and keep your budget in the black.


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