Commercial Sheet Metal Fabrication


When it comes to your HVAC system, we know that having the proper sheet metal fabrication can mean the difference between a system that works efficiently and one that wastes energy and money. That is why at the Macklin Mechanical Company, we do the sheet metal fabrication ourselves, so you know you are getting the right materials and right fit for the job.

Learn How In House Sheet Metal Fabrication can Benefit Your Company
Because the fabrication of your sheet metal for your HVAC system is so important, we do it in house. This allows us to have great control over the quality and process from start to finish. In addition, by doing the fabrication in house, we can provide you with a faster turn around time on your job. We know that time is money, and you need your finished product as quickly as possible.


Here at the Macklin Mechanical Company, we can fabricate ductwork for any existing or new HVAC system you have. So often when a company purchases a new HVAC system they do not receive the increased energy efficiency that they expected. This isn’t because the efficiency rating is wrong. It comes down to the ductwork and installation process.


Very often, the additional efficiency rating you paid for will be lost in old ductwork that is leaky or has poor insulation which can have rips and tears. Also, the original contractor may not have sealed the duct connections properly which allows air to leak out and that is energy and money wasted.


To ensure that your duckwork is properly installed, it must be insulated, balanced, and well sealed. This is why it is important to work with a contractor that has the experience in not only sheet metal fabrication but installation as well.

Experience the Macklin Mechanical Company Advantage
The team here at the Macklin Mechanical Company has decades of combined experience in commercial and industrial HVAC systems as well as sheet metal fabrication. We can insure that any fabrication that we do for your duckwork will help your system run at top efficiency.


In addition, with our custom fabrication, you can rest assured that the duckwork will meet your specific needs. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, and you should except one either. Give us a call today to learn more about our sheet metal fabrication process and how we can take your HVAC system to the next level.